Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Top 10 Coolest Jerseys In NBA History

 10. Miami Heat South Beach Remix

A deviation from Miami's typical white with red trim home jerseys, these orange and pink Heat threads capture the city's flamboyant side in eccentric style.           

  9. Philadelphia 76ers Shooting Stars

This jersey was worn by Charles Barkley in the early 90's and is wonderful representation of the uniforms from that era. Plus, its the only jersey ever with floating popsicle colored stars.

 8. Chicago Bulls Pinstripes

Other teams employed pinstripes during the mid-90's but no one pulled it off as Chicago did. It didn't hurt that they had the help of number 23 to popularize the look.


   7. Atlanta Hawks "Pistol"

Pete Maravich made these neat threads popular while playing for the Hawks during the 70's, but replicas of the jersey continue to be sold today, establishing it as one of the most legendary NBA uniforms. The blue and green are a vivid color combination, and the design is aesthetically ahead of its time.


 6. Golden State Warriors "The City"

It's always interesting when teams incorporate local landmarks into their logos or jerseys, and that's exactly what the Warriors did in the 70's. This classic home jersey was immortalized by Rick Barry, and features a depiction of the Golden Gate bridge just below the numbers.

  5.  Indiana Pacers early to mid 90's

These were classic, because they were so simple and yet so appealing to the eye. Not only is navy blue and yellow a solid color combo, but they yellow and white stripes are placed in a unique location on the side and back of the jersey. These threads were made popular by Reggie Miller during his playoff battles of the 90's.

 4. Atlanta Hawks Pacman