Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Gun: Weapon of Mass Oppression

First of all, let me start off by saying that I hate the mainstream media, and that I usually try to ignore most news stories altogether, but since my main man Charles Barkley is getting involved in the discussion, I figured I should weigh in.
I completely disagree with Sir Charles. I think the officer should have been indicted, and that the only difference between this shooting and any other shooting in America is that racial profiling was an issue, as well as the fact that cops, specifically those of the white variety, get preferential treatment in the judicial system. There's no denying that, and if you do then you're living under a rock.
Unfortunately, the protest of this specific case, while understandable, isn't going to solve much in terms of the root of the problem, and that is the tolerance of guns in America. Ending racial profiling is something that would take a complete overhaul of the contemporary American culture, because so many people do it on a subconscious level. It's been woven into peoples' mentalities through music and entertainment, that blacks and latinos are more likely to commit crimes, both violent and petty, than whites.
Americans of all ethnic backgrounds are trigger happy. Sadly, there may be more guns in this country than people. We, as civilians have tolerated, even glorified, gun violence through the same music and entertainment that wrongfully frames blacks and latinos as thugs and criminals, thus building a culture that accepts it as a way of life. We can't, as civilians, expect the police to not be trigger happy when we are trigger happy ourselves. After all, cops are only given firearms, because they are policing people who may also possess firearms.
In order to do laundry, you need a machine. In this case, the mentally ill people who shoot up a school, the ex-soldier with PTSD that shoots up a military base, the kid that shoots another kid from a rival clique or gang, and the dumb, racist cop that shoots an unarmed black kid, all have one thing in common, and that is that they have the tool with which to carry out these violent transgressions, a firearm.
If we disarm ourselves, there would be no reason for cops to be armed either, none of these forms of mental instability would lead to tragedy, and we wouldn't even get to the point of having to deal with a prejudiced judicial system in the first place. The problem is that we always deviate from trying to ban guns altogether by focusing on some other aspect of crimes like what the motivation was, or who the shooter was as a person. We do this, because lobbying with the NRA to ban guns altogether is such an uphill climb, as they make so much money on our collective fear of each other.
Guns are the archaic tool that continue to oppress all of us, an advent of a revolutionary war that's already been won centuries ago. Shut down the NRA, and all of us will be free.